Who are You and Why Should I Care?

Perfect 11 was launched April 1 (yep All Fool’s Day…If nothing else certainly you will remember that) by Kelly Diekmann and Jennifer Lundgren. We are known for uniting ground breaking creative with accountability to produce ideas that bring ROI...

By now you are probably reading blah, blah, blah, blah…

You know you are in the dreaded agency "About Us" section because that’s where you navigated. This is where we’re supposed to say something spectacular about ourselves. Give you some great prose on how we’re "better" than all the other agencies you’ve ever met and/or will ever meet. We may even sprinkle in something about how our “cutting edge” strategy and “atomic” creative will yield riches beyond your greatest imagination.

Well, all of this is really not our style. Bottom line, creating fantastic work is the cost of entry in this business and yep, we are not just good—we are outstanding. Our true uniqueness, what drives our creative and strategic magic is how we run our business.

This brings us to our team

To begin, you will never hear us use the word "employees." We may say team, people, crew, P11’ers, or geniuses, but never the "E" word. This word implies that certain P11’ers are less outstanding than others; a concept that’s unacceptable in the Perfect world. Since the very first day, we determined that each member of our team is and should be amazing.

It’s not easy getting a job at Perfect 11. Anyone that does make it past our screening defenses has to be “a cut above the rest” in their talent but also in their work to enhance other people.

Needless to say we are about the people. People are our customers and your customers. People drive business growth or decline and as we are in the business of creating customers, we are ultimately in the business of bringing success to people—whether internally or externally.

Our people philosophy ensures that everyone at Perfect 11 doesn’t just like what they do and where they do it, they LOVE it. P11’ers take pride when anyone in the organization succeeds and feel responsible for every failure. When they find someone struggling with a problem or working late, they step in—unasked—to offer help. We each feel a deep sense of accountability for our individual contributions because we feel an obligation to the team to do so, not because a title on a business card says that we’re supposed to. Honestly, our culture is our greatest asset. Interacting with scores of companies over the years, we ask ourselves “why did they?” and “why should we?” stop at 10 every day.

We work primarily from home offices—why because we are out-of-the-box people. We understand that when you love what you do so much you can marry life and work, the result is happier, more efficient people who create better ideas. We have kids and dogs, husbands, boyfriends, families, friends, plants - pretty much everything anyone could want, right at our fingertips. We are happy and this happiness carries through everything we touch.

What difference does this make to you?

Because people that are happy, take ownership in their company’s success and are allowed to give over a “10” in what they love doing, rather than living internal drama and politics, consistently produce amazing work—and that’s our team.